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Website Testing Mistakes That Can Damage Your Business
Everyone agrees that A/B testing can be a great way to make significant improvements to your online business. Testing when done right can take your business to the next level. When done wrong it can drive it into the ground. This video is part 1 in a series of videos on testing mistakes that can kill your business. Read more:
How to Woo Your Web Visitors with Your Brand Voice
Do you ever wonder why so many corporate sites are so awful? And so mind-numbingly drab? Some websites sound like no human being was involved in writing the content. A robot just spewed out some gobbledygook. Who needs a market-leading IT solutions provider? Who’d like to download an app that was designed for a first-class experience? Who wants to work with a company committed to customer service excellence?
7 in 10 Employees Value Skills Training More than Degrees; Glassdoor Employment Confidence Survey (Q2 2014)

While 82% of college grads believe having a degree has helped them in their career, the value of an education remains an ongoing national debate. In fact, although most employees believe a degree is important, a majority of employees (72%) believe specialized training to acquire specific skills is more valuable than a degree in the workplace. This is according toGlassdoor’s Q2 2014 Employment Confidence Survey¹, revealing how employees value their own education and higher education overall as it relates to their careers and the workplace.

Each quarter, the Glassdoor Employment Confidence Survey also monitors four key indicators of employment confidence: salary expectations, job security, the job market and company outlook. [READ MORE]

Everything You Need to Know to Successfully Live-Tweet Your Event
Live-tweeting is kind of like note-taking, only it's online, collective, and interactive. When you hear a great quote from a speaker, or "tweetable takeaway" (as in, a key takeaway that can be abbreviated to less than 140 characters), all you have to do is type it up in a tweet and ship it out to the world. Your followers will see the tweet, and so will everyone following the event hashtag -- and people can retweet, favorite, or reply to you.
Had a Busy June? Catch Up on the 5 Hottest Posts of the Month

So, another month has come and gone. At HubSpot, that means a lot of new content has been created and published. As content creators know all too well, not all of the content you publish will be wildly successful. In June, we saw another month of content -- some pieces performed very well with our audience and some didn't. We wanted to make sure you weren't missing out on the great stuff. This blog post offers a roundup of the most-shared blog posts from June. Take a look and catch up on anything you may have missed. [SEE ALL 5 POSTS HERE]

Is Automating Your Marketing Saving You Time, or Losing You Customers?
The modern marketer – or business owner, for that matter – has to wear multiple hats at any given time. There’s a lot of work involved and automation is absolutely necessary to maintain your sanity (and your work quality, too). But as customers get more and more overwhelmed with information and more businesses automate their marketing, is there a tipping point where automation will lower conversion rates and profits? More importantly, how do you find out where that tipping point is for your audience? Read more:
A Step-by-Step Guide to Bouncing Back after Your Online Reputation Has Tanked
All businesses face the same issues when it comes to managing their online reputations. It’s no longer a novelty concept that all mentions should be captured and monitored in order to ensure a positive brand image. What would you do if you were bombarded with harsh criticism and dissatisfied customers? Burying your head in the sand would not make the problem go away. A negative review should never be brushed off or responded to discourteously.
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