May 11, 2013

Please Sign the Sandy Hook Mother's Day Card

Families for Gun Safety
A message from the campaign

Families for Gun Safety

Posted by David Paine (campaign founder)

Sandy Hook Promise has created a wonderful Mother's Day Card to honor the moms who lost their children in the Newtown tragedy, and other moms whose children have been taken by acts of violence. I hope you'll join me in sharing the link below, and signing the Card at:
Ana, Dylan, Daniel and Ben can’t wish their Moms a Happy Mother’s Day this May or ever again.

For the Sandy Hook children and the thousands of other children in America whose lives were cut short by gun violence, please sign this Mother’s Day card.

  • Ana Marquez-Greene
  • Dylan Hockley
  • Daniel Barden
  • Ben Wheeler
To their Moms,
We mourn your loss and promise to do all we can to prevent tragedies like this from happening ever again.

Here's a personal message from Mark Barden, who lost his son in the shooting:
Nearly five months ago, my wife Jackie and I lost our son, and our children James and Natalie lost their little brother, Daniel. Our sweet seven-year-old was one of 20 children and six adults whose lives were taken on December 14, at Sandy Hook Elementary. It feels like only yesterday. In our deepest grief, we have been supported by the love and prayers we've received from millions of Americans, and from every corner of the country. Thank you for letting us know we're not alone.
As Mother's Day approaches, we understand that we represent just a few of the families who have lost children and loved ones to gun violence. Our friends at Sandy Hook Promise have put together this card to give you another opportunity to support not only the Moms of Newtown, but Moms everywhere whose children have been taken by acts of violence. You can click below to sign a Mother's Day card from Sandy Hook Promise.
Join me in letting all the mothers know – mothers of Sandy Hook and beyond – that their children are not forgotten this Mother's Day. And neither are they.The Sandy Hook Promise begins this way: "Our hearts are broken; Our spirit is not."Thank you for helping to sustain our spirit.I wish you and your family the best,
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