About me


Welcome to my blog, as you might have seen my name is Suzanne Isabella 🙂

I hate to write stories that I think are just a waste of time, so I´d rather summarise “About me” and what do I think of fashion in general:

I was born in Los Angeles 29 years ago and I still live here.
I love silence, tranquility and even being alone at certain times
I often look at people: nice, ugly, beautiful, boring … always gives me a sip of life
I have always been doing sports (swimming, volleyball, dance …) and I’ve always stopped before it could become a serious thing, I have no constancy in things!
I started to love fashion when I was 5-6 years old … I had the very clear ideas of what to wear
I eat my nails 🙁
I love my name, my adorable friends, red wind, chocolate, honey, snow, swimming pool, sun and hot, red ladybugs, abstract paintings, photography, fashion, texts, raspberries, green eyes, cinema, sleeping, walking barefoot, goose skin with emotion, curiosity, punctuality , the truth…
I’m messy in a chronic, total, irreversible manner.
I am all alone to the people who are near me and despite the wounds, this aspect I can not change; Perhaps because I always believe in people’s good faith.
My favorite color is yellow, because it reminds me of the sun and life ..
I get attracted to the clothes or accessories that are left out because the others find them horrible, and I get a shudder whenever I feel I’ve got something special.
I do not like to look too sexy: I never wear things too short or too loose. I do not like extravagant things and streaked styles.
I do not know yet what I’m going to do big
You can contact me here at any time for any request, advice, collaboration or just to greet me 😉